2 Agt 2011


wehuuuuuuu dah start puasa...senangnyaaa..kita berlomba lomba cari pahala...
dah 2 days fasting now..and aku belum bolong..hehe i hope not..
just want to say Happy fasting...Happy Ramadhan..
bless you all this holly month
no body perfect in this world..so maafin aku yaa kalau ada salah <3
hehe...like i just say..no body perfect :D
love u guys...go go fastingggggggg

28 Jul 2011

First Bazaar for my online shop...awesome :D

Pee In The Bottle First event..so much fun...!!
our first experience


Cant wait for next bazaar and next event 
see you guys there :D xoxo

19 Jun 2011

Ring Ring Ring Ring

Ring Ring Ring
this is HOT
i'm so crazy about accessories 
and i cant believe it i own all this ring..hehehe..such weird feeling
sometime after i buy all then i never wear it anymore 
so i have an idea..why i don't just sell
i start my own shop blog then start again with my Facebook Shop page
and start sell all this ring and others item
not wasting my money
and absolutely i get more fortune..wehuuu...
girls never stop used accessories  
girls never complete without accessories :D