19 Jun 2011

Ring Ring Ring Ring

Ring Ring Ring
this is HOT
i'm so crazy about accessories 
and i cant believe it i own all this ring..hehehe..such weird feeling
sometime after i buy all then i never wear it anymore 
so i have an idea..why i don't just sell
i start my own shop blog then start again with my Facebook Shop page
and start sell all this ring and others item
not wasting my money
and absolutely i get more fortune..wehuuu...
girls never stop used accessories  
girls never complete without accessories :D

4 Jun 2011

My Pray

pray...why we have to pray..?
what for...?
for wishing something..is it work...?
just pray then what..
all dream come true..
every day i pray..always cry in my pray..hoping come true
maybe god ignoring me..or just give me another test
am i strong enough to believe my own god
so far now..i will stop believe my own god
even some of my pray didn't come true
do u want to know my pray..my wish

"ya allah ya rabbi..ampuni lah segala dosa kedua orang tua hamba..jauh kan kedua orang tua hamba dari siksa api neraka..jauhkanlah kedua orang tua dari godaan syaitan terkutuk..jauhkan kedua orang tua hamba dari segala marabahaya...berikan kedua orang tua hamba rezeky yang di ridhoi oleh mu...berikan kedua orang tua hamba jalanmu..berikan kedua orang tua hamba kesabaran dan ketabahan dalam menjalan cobaan dari mu..begitu juga seluruh keluarga hamba..adik dan kakak hamba semuanya"
"ya allah ya rabbi...berikan lah tempat di sampingmu untuk selauruh keluarga hamba yang telah menghadap mu..nenek kakek hamba...oma opa hamba"
"ya allah ya rabbi..berikan lah hamba kesabaran dah ketabahan dalam menjalankan segala cobaan yang kau berikan pada hambamu ini..berikan hambamu selalu petunjukmu..kuat kan lah hambamu ini ya allah"
"ya allah ya rabbi..kalau sememangnya dia jodoh hamba..dekatkan lah dia pada hamba dan berikan hambamu selalu petunjuk.......kalau dia bukan jodoh hamba..jauh kan lah dia dari hati dan fikiran hamba..jauh kan dia dari hidup hamba"
"ya allah ya rabbi..berikanlah yang terbaik untuk hamba dan keluarga hamba"
"amin ya rabbal allamin"

2 Jun 2011

why me

why me...itu yang selalunya aku tanya with my self..why me...why always me..
if i cry a lot..i asking my self..why me...?
if i got fight with someone else..i'm asking again..why me...?
if i get trouble..again again and again why me...?
even when im happy..why me..
in this year become a hard year for me..fight with dad..fight with mom..
lost something that i like
lost something that i love
missing something
i hate this year
and why me
i pray and i try to be close with my god
my god only give me another hard part for me
give me another test for my life
test that my god know that its hard for me to get trough it
 god give me this test so i can still remember to god
maybe god think that its too many long i forget to pray
but why me..?
i still remember my god
i still pray
and i still cry sometime every night when i start to sleep

i wanna start asking my self why me..?

1 Jun 2011


Damn....its fuckin pretty...i saw all this perch at Tumblr..and steeling my attention
its kinda vintage..and i like the color
im so gonna hunt all this perch..no doubt it
i can used for party..for shopping
and maybe i can sell it again..nice right
such a good idea
just wait and see girls..it will be my wish list
cross my finger now..i hope not expensive :(

~peace out~