21 Des 2010

PEE only Love him him and only him

its been 8 month our relationship now :D Long distance relationship...hmmmm..its not easy at all...
only web cam can help us....love trough yahoo mail..From malaysia to Indonesia
i love him...no matter what happen...so many time we had a fight and break..still love him <3
im from indonesia..and hes from malaysia......................hmmmmm..............
apa pun yang terjadi nantinya....will see...not gonna change my heart...amin bless us..love my baby so bad...

15 Des 2010

Pee Wanna tRy become 3D

im so so curious with 3D picture..i ask my bf to make my picture become 3D but he said that he didnt understand..and i try my self try to figure how...?and got it..beside so many people try it already and its pretty cool actually........
this one is me...im trying to edit my self..kinda work right..not bad..not bad indeed <3
hmmmmm....i think i kinda like it..LOVE IT....Prepare your 3D Glasses guys..because im gonna pop out from your screen..hahahahahaha...try it guys..it fun...seriously trying something new in your life is so much fun...jadinya hidup kamu gak akan terasa boring because selalu aja ada yang baru..something new yang bisa kita pelajari and kita manfaatkan...love you <3

~peace out~

11 Des 2010

Pee In The Bottle Admirer This STUF.....!!!

Owwww My Goshhhh....im so Love this...this is the cutest and the hottest Nail polish ever..i bet My friend "bee Merdika" can Make like this..i have a friend in BALI Hes Name is Bee Merdika and He can Make so Many Cute Nail Polish..even hes a Boy..hes a Make up Art..and He really Talented..I should get Nail Like This Like URGENT....!!!!!!!

DAMN.....!those Heels Make me Hard to blink my eyes....so Perfect...im in LOVE with this heels..i should buy this for NEW YEAR PARTY...those girl who watch my heels is GONNA DIE and WISH to have those heels..but where i can find it.......?????

this stuff ITS A MUST THING FOR ME before new year.....!!!!

8 Des 2010

PEE is Thanksfull

OW EM GEE..thats 3 word that i only said after i see this video..i cant believe someone can make this for me..really sweet right...i know..such a good friend..kinda like this video..hehehe..because its all about me...hihihi...
only one person who didnt like it..my bf.....hehehe..
well for someone who make this for..thanks dude..i really appreciate it...thankss :)

24 Nov 2010

Pee In The bottle

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind
Wanting to start again?
Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin like a house of cards
One blow from caving in?
Do you ever feel already buried deep six feet under scream
But no one seems to hear a thing
Do you know that there’s still a chance for you?
‘Cause there’s a spark in you
You just gotta ignite
The light and let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July
Cause, baby, you’re a firework
Come on show ‘em what you’re worth
Make em go oh, oh, oh
As you shoot across the sky
Baby, you’re a firework
Come on; let your colors burst
Make em go oh, oh, oh
You’re gonna leave em fallin down oh oh
You don’t have to feel like a waste of space
You’re original you cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow
Maybe you’re reason why all the doors are closed
So you could open one that leads you to a perfect road
Like a lightning bolt your heart will blow
And when it’s time you’ll know
You just gotta ignite
The light and let it shine
Just own the night
Like the 4th of July
Cause, baby, you’re a firework
Come on show em what you’re worth
Make ‘em go oh, oh, oh
As you shoot across the sky ey ey
Baby, you’re a firework
Come on; let your colors burst
Make ‘em go oh, oh, oh
You’re gonna leave ‘em fallin’ down oh oh
Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
It’s always been inside of you, you, you
And now it’s time to through, ooh, ooh
Cause, baby, you’re a firework
Come on show em what you’re worth
Make ‘em go oh, oh, oh
As you shoot across the sky ey ey
You’re a firework
Come on let your colors burst
Make ‘em go oh, oh, oh
You’re gonna leave ‘em fallin down oh oh
Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
~katy Perry - Firework Lyrics ~

23 Nov 2010

Pee In the Beach

I Love beach So Much....Never bored with this one
few days ago i just back from Carita beach..and it was so awesome..me, my dad and everyone..we playing fireworks in the beach..cold beer in the beach...and snap a lot of picture with my lomo camera...i bring 4 of my lomo..hehehehe...i love snap happy moment...
huhuhuhuhu...so sad we found a dead dog in the beach...huhhuhuhu..i think this dog is drawning...huhuhu...smells very smelly that moment...eewwww....but sadly....
owhhh em gee...i cant stop my self snapping...i used my lomo and my dslr....
im so in love with the view...
and the important thing is you have to enjoy your life 
so gak akan jadi percuma sama semua waktu yang kamu buang..
im enjoying my life everyday and i hope kalian semua juga begitu yaaa...
love you all girls.. <3

~peace out~

22 Nov 2010

Pee is Having Shushi Night.......!!

aku suka shushi...suka banget...kalau ke tempat japanese resto my fav one is shushie tei....yummmmyy...
nanti aku order Ramen spicy Udon and Shushi salmon......ow em gee..start Hungry now...hahaha....
My style that day kinda simple..short brown pants and Top shop shirt..i mix with my Hermes Bags...
few accessories...necklaces..bracelets and my watch...never forgot that 3 item...
Girls...whatever u wanna wear makesure its comfort for u..because its gonna make ur look more perfect..

always confident and be yourself...!
and basicly everyone is pretty <3 love u all

~peace out~

19 Nov 2010

Pee Wanna Have a Simple Date style

Few days a go my Cousin Having a birthday Party.....at saturday nite and in the same time my sister just break with her bOyfriend..so we decide it lets date together..lol..i keep looking and thinking..what am i gonna wear..hmmmm.....???i just wanna look simple but still look chick...
tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......!!!!!!this is my simple look...what do u think..??im trying to match my bag and my shoes..both red right..and i use small belt in my hips...belt nya aku suka..beltnya belt ikat...cute kan...
aku sengaja gak lepas rambut aku..biar gak terlalu over aja..so aku ikat rambut aku and aku pakek bando(accessories)

well the important think just be your self and be confident with your style..
tyr something new with your style is fun...!!trust me... :D

~peace out~

15 Nov 2010

Pee Wanna have a Big BOOBSIE......!!!!!

waaah sedihnya punya badan kecil and flat kaya gini...pengen banget aku punya badan gemuk and boobs yang super dahsyat..coba makan banyak udah...tapi tetep aja..gak ngerti...??
kalau punya badan yang tinggi and berisi pasti okay banget...sayangnya badan aku kecil and small...and also flat..apa rasanya punya big boobs..???because i want it.....!!
so did anyone know how to make a bigger boobs...???
aku gak mau operasi seeegh..aku nonton Dr.beverly hill di indovision paraghhh banget..aku gak mau deeh...huhuhuhuhu....
pakek sumpelan..hahahaha..gak deh..kayaknya fake banget kan...hahaha...pakek apaan doonk......
maybe just a dream for me..huhuhu
now for me just be my self and be proud of it....
and for you guys too...BE YOUR SELF and PROUD OF YOUR SELF...!!!!
alaways confident okay guys... <3

~ peace out~

14 Nov 2010

Pee is Hung Over or just being HER SELF

wuhuuuuuu...sudah gila kah saya.....?
is that a question or statement......do not syock because this is who i am...in bali i can more than this..so just chill okay....hehehehe....
even before i have a bf..i can snap my self in the beach and with my bikini..so kinda normal with me...
banyak orang yang baru kenal sama aku berfikir maybe "woow why shes so brave or why she so stupid"
but bagi orang yang udah lama kenal aku maybe berfikir "wow u never change..now u getting look good"
so buat orang orang yang maybe baru aja dekat sama aku or baru aja become my new best friend..dont feel syock or surprise..because this is who i am...i like snap picture with a diferent thing..
i like being my self infront camera...just be my self.. <3

just be your self..and be what you are..dont be fake.......Confident confident confident thats the tips..

~peace out~

17 Okt 2010

Pee just cut Her hair

ohhhh emm geee....!!i cant believe it i just cut my hair.....hahaha..udaah lama banget aku gak cut..
weeeeeeeeeeitssss....wait a minute...bukan cut become short lhooo...aku cut bangger aku aja...haha..rambut depan aja..soalnya udah kinda bored with old style.. so aku cut aja sedikit...i hope semua suka...
tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........ini laah new face aku...hihihi.....okay gak...?kata daddy aku, aku mirip anak kecil..hihi..bener gak seeh....aku udah upload picca ini ke facebook aku...eh ternyata banyak yang suka...bf aku pun sukaa bengeeeeet..hehehe..seneng deeeh jadinya..
banyak juga yang comment di wall aku...ada yang bilang lucu comel lawa...semua semua..hehehehe..thabks guys...thanks for compliment..dah flyyy karena compliment deeeh aku...hahahaha
ini piccaaa muka awal awal cut...i feel like im not sure with my hair...hehehehe..and menyesal udah cut rambut....tapi aku coba lebih confident and be creative <3
after few hours..akhirnya aku bisa fun sama my new look.and i start to like it...hehehehe..it looks cute on me actually ..
but i dont know with you...what about you all...am i look cute in this new look..hehehehe..
yang terpenting just be confident with your self and bee fun...
don't mess your look with your unconfident attitude...
okay..remember that guys...gank...folks..girls... <3

~ peace out ~

16 Okt 2010

Pee in simple BALI

Simple Simple of me with Bali Shirt.....actually in not feeling well today..but kinda boring now..so i decide to post my blog..aku beli baju bali shirt ini di bali..aku pernah tinggal di bali before and never bored leave there..
i can have a lot of crazy and awesome friend there..and everyday i'm having so much fun...
miss everything in bali........tadinya picture ini mau aku post ke LOOKBOOK...tapi kayanya is not HYPED enough..so aku gak post deeeeh....hehehe....soalnya terlalu simple gak ada kelebihannya..hihihi..kalo gak di hyped kan nanti bisa maluuu deh aku...hihi
hehehehe...photo yang ini gak banget deeeh..hahahaha...maluu sebenernya pasang yang ini....aku keliatan very skinny....hihihi
Girls guys folks gank..everyone.........hehehehe.....just be creative with your style..fun to be different and creative..be your self and always be proud with your self okay...

~ Peace out ~

14 Okt 2010

Pee Lost in Cowboy Style

yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa.....im a Cowboy now....hahahahaha.....i call my self a cowboy maybe because of my hatt...now im wearing my cowboy hatt..its not mine actually..it belong to my sister..my sister love to buy anything and everything but never use it..always me..hahaha..pastinya aku deh yang pakai barang barang dia..hahaha...sometime pun dia yang suka belikan aku everything and ask me to wear it....awesome sister right.... (maybe later i post a blog about her okay)
can you see..i don t really like wearing a lot accessories..i just wear my Charm bracelet..my casio gold watch..and my ring..aww.. and my necklace..thats it....simple of me.... <3 HYPED ME OKAY...!!
tadaaaaaaa.....hahahaha...i dont know why....i just love to make my boyfriend name in my body..specially when naked..hahahaha (i love him) Pheeeeeeeeewit <3
this picture is the one that i posted to my lookbook...and gladly some of the people like it..hehehe..
thanks for all the people who HYPED my look... <3 love you all...
thanks Guys..girls...folks..guys for your time reading my blog..hey if you gusy have a tips for me just coment me okaaaay..need one....!!!
its really so much fun playing with outfitt and i hope you all can do the same like me..just enjoy and be confident with your self..BE PROUD WITH YOUR SELF OKAY....byeee all

~Peace out~


12 Okt 2010

Pee....dont know what to say

aku cuma bisa nangis..dikala aku sedih and hati ku sakit aku cuma bisa nangis..
aku gak kepingin nangis di blog aku sendiri..kerana aku fikir its a happy blog...
tapi aku butuh curahkan perasaan aku...
ada sebab sebab kenapa orang bisa nangis kan..
yang bisa buat aku nangis cuma apabila orang yang amat kasayangi menyakiti ku..
and inilah masalahku..aku dah kekasihku..
dia bilang dia suka bercanda (joke) and dia bilang mau bercanda..tapi ada kalanya candaan itu menyakitkan hatiku and dia tak menyadarinya..yang dia sadari hanya candaan itu membuatnya dan teman temannya tertawa
di mulai dia mengatakan aku psycho..bodoh..or apalah semua..
maybe memang itulah aku bagi dirinya..dan sakit manyadari bahwa kekasihku sendiri mengatakan itu tanpa menyadari diriku yang sakit..
ada kalanya candaan sebenarnya tak funny..

aku menangis sewajarnya wanita..kalau menurutnya im not strong girl..fine..
aku mengakui diriku yang gak kuat seperti perempuan lainnya
saat aku bagi tau..bagi dirinya selalu aku yang bersalah..
di marah melebihi marahku padanya...membuatku menangis melebihi tangisan sebelumnya
tak ada kata maaf keluar dari dirinya..karena memang mungkin memang itulaah aku buatnya

aku menyayanginya melebihi cintanya ke diriku
aku cuma bisa menerima apa yang semua dia ucapkan ke diriku...
terimakasih...itu aja yang bisa aku ucap dalam hati..

Pee Trying to be Cute Dorks

am i look like a dork or what.......!hahahahahaha
i really wanna look like a dork but i dont know how..and when i watch glee movie some of the dorks used a glasses like mine now...hhihihi...so i kinda give it try the glasses...lolzz
am i look like a dork now...hahaha
i wanna look like a dork and cute at the same time...
so i just wearing my N.Y.L.A dress..
very chick, sexy and simple
i love this dress..really fit one me...i post this dress at my LOOKBOOK..
but somehow been delete by someone..
someone give me deleting flag..DAMN..too bad right..because some of peeps HYPED this Look..
im a bad dorks now....!!!!because i have tattoo..my bf name..hahahaha
kidding..its fake..i make this for my bf actually...hehehehe :P
jreeeeng jreeeeeng....no more glasses....cant stand with glasses...dizzy and hurting my eye..


10 Okt 2010

Pee Lost in Oasis.....need Help...

finally i found Oasis shirt that i wan in my favorite shop...Indigo shop at mangga dua
they have like million band shirt that i like and they already know what i like..
and the owner really know me well..lol
i mix my oasis shirt with my short denim pants and my Leopard bags..Love it..
some small belt will make style more HYPED.. <3

Better shirt insight like this or.......
 or outside like this...which one better.....?


6 Okt 2010

Pee is having So Much fun

few days ago i attend an event with my sister and her boyriend to Party Dj event

aku datang with my older sister and her boyriend..really fun to hang out with them both..because we have same interest together..so we really love to hang out together..

This is me and My sister.... <3 <3

And This is My sister and her Boyriend... <3 great couple
but then...waktu kita udah masuk ke acaranya we meet all our cousin there..
and all my friends...wuhuuuuuuuuuu.....
This is me and My causin...Faisal Akbar...we are really close
kinda angry with him a few minute with him because he didnt tell me and my sister that he gonna come to this event

and finally i can meet Hole causin and my friend in this party..and we all party together.. :D
wooot wooot wooot

and i can meet alot of great people such as this awesome designer..hes really cool and full of style..
and i can really meet STEVE AOKI.....woot woot...
super awesome...its the best night ever...

i wish u can Have a Great Night Like Mine Guys... <3 xoxo