14 Nov 2010

Pee is Hung Over or just being HER SELF

wuhuuuuuu...sudah gila kah saya.....?
is that a question or statement......do not syock because this is who i am...in bali i can more than this..so just chill okay....hehehehe....
even before i have a bf..i can snap my self in the beach and with my bikini..so kinda normal with me...
banyak orang yang baru kenal sama aku berfikir maybe "woow why shes so brave or why she so stupid"
but bagi orang yang udah lama kenal aku maybe berfikir "wow u never change..now u getting look good"
so buat orang orang yang maybe baru aja dekat sama aku or baru aja become my new best friend..dont feel syock or surprise..because this is who i am...i like snap picture with a diferent thing..
i like being my self infront camera...just be my self.. <3

just be your self..and be what you are..dont be fake.......Confident confident confident thats the tips..

~peace out~

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