21 Apr 2011

why my bag so heavy...what insight of my bag!!

sometime few people wondering what insight of my bag..why sometime look so heavy
mhh...u know im a girl and i always bring what girl should bring.lol..not like a boys a box cigeret and wallet..!
hmm...wokeey this my brown bag..i like this bag..because its huge and i can put everything insight
kinda fav bag for now :D
tadaaaaa......so messy right...hahahaha...lets take out all..
hmmmm....i already take out all my stuff...there's a few coin..my bangles..my casio watch and cell phone
tadaaaaaaaa.....ini semua isi bag aku....let me describe my stuff
<3 my blackberry and other phone
<3 my camera
<3 my chanel powder
<3 my book note (its a must)
<3 my lipstik and lips gloss
<3 my eye liner
<3 my key apartment
<3 my passport
<3 my bracelet 
<3 my mirror 
<3 my mascara
<3 my headband
<3 my headset

thats all..nothing else..thats way so heavy..but i already used to it 

~peace out~

17 Apr 2011

This is why I LOVE BUFDAY!!

4 march 4 march  4 march 4 march
4 march 4 march  4 march 4 march
4 march 4 march  4 march 4 march
4 march 4 march  4 march 4 march
4 march 4 march  4 march 4 march
this year so much new people celebrate  my BUFDAY

yummmy....Cake from them..so sweet...they make the best surprise ever
they almost make me cry because one of them make a lie about my money..damn!!LOL
but in the end it so much fun <3
ini hadian yang mereka berikan for me....tebak apa isinya......?
they give me present...AWESOME right....and u know what the give me BRA..UNDERWEAR..AND SHORT PANTS...hahahaha....THANKS GIRLS :D xoxo

tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....they give me surprise strawberry yogurt and chocolate cake with marsmallow!!yummmmyyyy....thanks girls...hehehe..im so happy that moment..can hang out with them
this is my OTAK PEKAK GIRLS..they so pretty and i love them all...we wearing red lips together..tottaly hot right..hahaha <3
my pekak otak family girls...YAYA, DURRA AND JUJU
love them..im having so much fun girls..thanks girls

<3 third ALL MY SISTER
we celebrate my bufday at sushi tei plaza senayan..me and my sister love sushi a lot so we thinkin wny not in sushi tei..hahahaha..and u know what the sushi tei give us free bufday cake..a salmon and rice cake
tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....this is my sushi bufday cake..salmon on top..hmmm yummy...


ini sister aku semua..hehehe...we love hang at sushi tei..
so much cool having 3 times bufday..hehe
feel so special :D

so happy bufday for me
sorry kinda late share about my bufday..
bye guys fun to share with u all

~peace out~