21 Apr 2011

why my bag so heavy...what insight of my bag!!

sometime few people wondering what insight of my bag..why sometime look so heavy
mhh...u know im a girl and i always bring what girl should bring.lol..not like a boys a box cigeret and wallet..!
hmm...wokeey this my brown bag..i like this bag..because its huge and i can put everything insight
kinda fav bag for now :D
tadaaaaa......so messy right...hahahaha...lets take out all..
hmmmm....i already take out all my stuff...there's a few coin..my bangles..my casio watch and cell phone
tadaaaaaaaa.....ini semua isi bag aku....let me describe my stuff
<3 my blackberry and other phone
<3 my camera
<3 my chanel powder
<3 my book note (its a must)
<3 my lipstik and lips gloss
<3 my eye liner
<3 my key apartment
<3 my passport
<3 my bracelet 
<3 my mirror 
<3 my mascara
<3 my headband
<3 my headset

thats all..nothing else..thats way so heavy..but i already used to it 

~peace out~

1 komentar:

  1. isnt that the camera u want me to hold on when i help u..?? i think it was like 1 or 2 years b4..:D