28 Agt 2010

Pee with her Fish eye Lomo CaMera

Olaaaa PEEp's.....this is my FISH EYE LOMO TOY CAMERA..its wood edition....love it...
i buy this fish eye long time ago...and i never gonna sell it.....
this is some of my picture use my fish eye camera...
i also love playing collor with my camera
i can take a picture with fish eye in every single moment...even with my little brother..
 and there's still a lot of picture that I've got.....but i can't show u all my fish eye picture....
every picture that made by fish eye for me is very special and unpredictible...
and for all my lomo toy camera also....


26 Agt 2010

Pee Misssssss Her Bali Friends......

Olaaaa Folks.......everyone have a friends...theres an old friend..best friend..girlfriend and boyfriend..for me friends is everything..i have special best friend in bali her name is RINA IGNASIA....she's pretty..she's cute..she's chubby..she's smart and she's strong....hahahahaha....and i love her..
and now i miss her so much...because we far now...she's in bali and im in jakarta..i miss doing everything with her.......such as :

* i miss having dinner with you at warung ITALY (i order potatoes mayo and u order spaghetti)
* i miss having lunch at warung bejo (i order 3 chicken wing and u order 2 chicken wing)
* i miss shopping with u looking for a dress at Flaminggo shop and bodyshop
* i miss shopping monthly with u to carefour
* i miss going to denpasar with u looking for dress and accessories
* i miss laughing with you
* i miss gossiping with you
* i miss hang out with at my rooms
* i miss going with u to the curch
* i miss ur big motorbike..hahahahahah
* i miss bullying you..hahaha
* i miss partying with you and become your partner in crime...hehehe
Never forget our last party at Klapa with her..................thanks RINA.....!

You always there for me while im sick...sad and lonely..and You always share your happines to me...thanks for becoming my best friend in bali..........I MISS YOU RINA IGNASIA

25 Agt 2010

Pee at Radit N Jani Movie

Did u know Radit n Jani movie..its brutality Romantic movie..its indonesia Movie..totally Rock n Roll couple..if u know and already watch it...u must be know this part..because this movie part is the best and romantic part for me...dont u guys think too.......??

"Bahagia itu kita yang ciptain, bukan mereka. Mereka gak tau gimana kita. Kita kan selalu berdua dan gak akan ada yang pernah bisa misahin kita, kita punya cara kita sendiri dan kita punya dunia kita sendiri. Aku sayang kamu, bodoh"

24 Agt 2010

Pee HavE a Rock N roLL Mommmm........!!!!

Whatsapening Guys.........!!suddenly i wanna post about my Mom...a HardCore mom...i wanna tell about my mom because while im sick now she really do care with me...100 percent i love her and now become more than 100 percent..for me shes the best mom ever...
Let me introduce u to her....her name is BESTY MUTIARA BAHAGIA..she's 47 years old...born in jakarta 3 November 1963..she not too old right...hehehehehe......
Mommy mommy mommy.....i always call her like that....there's a few thing about my mom that i really likes and make me love her more more more more...

* she's pretty
* she's caring
* she's strong after divorce with my dad
* she's smart
* she got a lot of piercing
* she drink coffee and beer
* she smoke and she don't fucking care what ppl think (u go mom)
* she love wearing red lipstick
* she teach me a lot of lesson
* she can drive her own car and her motorbike
* she can cook all my favorite food
* she always pray everyday
*she's humble
* she can move on and married again with someone else after divorce
* she love traveling
* she love iwan Fals song and rocks song
* and she love me (that's the most important)

see that....she really likes tatts and piercing in her ears.... <3 that's way some of my friend call her 
ROCK N ROLL MOMMMMMMM........hahahaha.......
i dedicated all this for u my mom....i love u mom...
"thanks mom for loving me..thanks for always forgive me for every mistake that i make..u never mad for everything that i wear everyday..so i can use bikini and sexy stuff thing..thanks for teaching me all the lesson..thanks for never give up on me..thanks for keep strong everyday"


23 Agt 2010

Pee Love heR HOLGA 135 bc (lomo camera)

Hyeeeeee folks this is my Lomo camera HOLGA 135 bc...actually i have alot of lomo camera but this one is my fav...i have fish eye, action sampler, another holga and aquapix..but this one is my favorite one..im so in love with Lomo camera..i dont know why..my dad so many time buy me new camera but im just not interested...im gonna show u why i become love my lomo camera..specially my HOLGA 135 bc...ill show u guys...
See that guys....one picture become two objects....cool right...kinda hard to use Holga at the first..but after u know the technique u will so addicted....i love playing with roll film..im so in love with LOMO..im still looking for another lomo now..Diana F+ here i come beybeeh...maybe next im gonna introduce u to another my lomo camera okay...i still have plenty of lomo....dont be jealous..lol
Fyi...i didn't edit this all picture become like this...because it already like this...this all is the specialty of HOLGA 135 BC....and this is why i love my Holga so much..full artistic and full of surprise...hehehehehe...if u guys have lomo camera and want to sell it just contact me okay..i would love to buy it....byeeeee guys love u all........ <3

Go Go Lomoooooooo's

22 Agt 2010

Pee is Having sick and Bulimia Atack......*sigh*

Hi guys im sick now.........im having Bad flu at the first and become fever..very very bad...and make me hard to breath because im having a bad flu..my noose stuck so i cant breath trough my mom..i dont have mood to eat also and make my gastric..i already meet doctor last night and give alot of meds..and u know after from doctor i start to take my meds..after i take my meds i start vomit alot and my vomit and just normal vomit but full with blood..im so panic..also with my mom..my mom call my dad right away..and now im in Hospital for recovery 
from bad flu, fever, gastric and bulimia....hey did u guys know bulimia...
What is Bulimia...bulimia also called bulimia nervosa, is a psychology eating disorder, bulimia is characterized by episodes of binge-eating followed by inappropriate methods of weight control (purging).
vomiting, fasting enemas, excessive use of laxatives and diuretics, or compulsive exercising
what causes bulimia : it begin with dissatisfaction of the person's body and extreme concern with body size and shape. usually individuals suffering from bulimia have low self-esteem, feelings of helplessness and fear of becoming fat.
and now im having recovery...thanks for my baby boyfriend who always there for me last night..he keep me company till a fall a sleep..Love u baby sayangggg...makin sayang sama baby...

20 Agt 2010

Pee LoVe to Party And Drunk

Don't we all love to Party..who doesn't love party..must be some bored people who hate crowded and never have fun..i love when party start it..so many boys will offering me a drink not just a boys even a girls offering me drink with them..i love the vibe in the club..i love the crowded..i love the people..i love the music..i love to dance and i love drinking..ill be come so horny while I'm drunk...fyi guys i never drunk at the club...! ( yeaah right)
Dammnnn....I love my bad Habbit..try to make it less now....if u live in BALI u will know how much fun partying all night long..so many great club in Bali and so many awesome people that u can meet at the club..Bali have a lot of club in everyside city like in Legian street theres Mbargo club, Sky garden, Eikon, enggine room..and now i got alot of invite from my friend who work at KLAPA club.....wicked...

hahahaha...this is the picca after hard party and we cant barely walk home..so we just sitting in the floor..hahaha...some stupido right..when i want to post this i was thinking what people judge..but i dont care..and i was thinking who are u to judge me..i know that im not perfect and i dont claim to be so..before ur point ur finger make sure your own hands ARE CLEAN....!!!
so.....whos gonna party with me.....hahahahahaha.....!

19 Agt 2010

Pee Miss Her PierciNg

Daaaaaaaamnnnnnnnnnnn.................i really miss my Piercing.....i do this few month a go and now i don't have it anymore...i know its pretty sad right...the skin just ripped and there's a blood everywhere....its not hurt at  all actually..i have in my tongue..in my bellybutton..4 pierce in my left ear and 3 in my right ear..i don't wanna make any pierce in my face or lips because its my face.."Heloooooooooo" my face too much precious to be pierce so i pierce in my neck....
When i first pierce my neck it seriously hurt and so much pain..and I'm  the biggest fans of pain..."tel me about it.....!this is few memories from the first i make in my neck..

U can see from step one, two, and tree....hahahahaha...and now im gonna make another one a bit higher from the last pierce....Cant wait Folks.............!Wish Me Luck........!

17 Agt 2010

pee it second

Some Fashion Quotes For Some ppl who Need it....lol :
* Sexy is not About minis Or tights its about being Comfy in your outfit
* Fashion is like the ID it makes you desire things u shouldn't 
* Fashion can be bought, style one must possess
* Stylish is when you resist to wear a trend at the 'it' time, when you do, its just common
* Dont try too hard to follow fashion because fashion is always changing
* Trend are Turns, Go check what was in when you were born
* Fashion is not something that exist in dresses only, Fashion its in the sky or in the street, Fashion has to do    with ideas the way we live and what is happening 

Yupsssss thats all Folk for the Fashion Quotes that i got....lol...even im stil figure it out...hahahaha

Pee it First

My ReaL name Adeenda Nurghia EveRybody caLL me deenda..Thats My Name..my moM from West Sumatra and My Dad frOm Holland i Stand up For My seLf and My beLiefs, i sPeak My miNd and Think My owN thoUghts, or do Thinks My way, i woNt aLLow anyoNe to steP on me, so im Basically Just an Average girL, and u Can see mY hair never gOes The way i want it to Go, My RooM caNt sTay cLean For More Than a day..... i always Smile Like NotHing Wrong...TalK LIke eveRythIng PerFect...acT Like iTs JusT a DreaM aNd PreTend Theres Nothing Can HurtiNg Me.........