20 Agu 2010

Pee LoVe to Party And Drunk

Don't we all love to Party..who doesn't love party..must be some bored people who hate crowded and never have fun..i love when party start it..so many boys will offering me a drink not just a boys even a girls offering me drink with them..i love the vibe in the club..i love the crowded..i love the people..i love the music..i love to dance and i love drinking..ill be come so horny while I'm drunk...fyi guys i never drunk at the club...! ( yeaah right)
Dammnnn....I love my bad Habbit..try to make it less now....if u live in BALI u will know how much fun partying all night long..so many great club in Bali and so many awesome people that u can meet at the club..Bali have a lot of club in everyside city like in Legian street theres Mbargo club, Sky garden, Eikon, enggine room..and now i got alot of invite from my friend who work at KLAPA club.....wicked...

hahahaha...this is the picca after hard party and we cant barely walk home..so we just sitting in the floor..hahaha...some stupido right..when i want to post this i was thinking what people judge..but i dont care..and i was thinking who are u to judge me..i know that im not perfect and i dont claim to be so..before ur point ur finger make sure your own hands ARE CLEAN....!!!
so.....whos gonna party with me.....hahahahahaha.....!

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