17 Agu 2010

Pee it First

My ReaL name Adeenda Nurghia EveRybody caLL me deenda..Thats My Name..my moM from West Sumatra and My Dad frOm Holland i Stand up For My seLf and My beLiefs, i sPeak My miNd and Think My owN thoUghts, or do Thinks My way, i woNt aLLow anyoNe to steP on me, so im Basically Just an Average girL, and u Can see mY hair never gOes The way i want it to Go, My RooM caNt sTay cLean For More Than a day..... i always Smile Like NotHing Wrong...TalK LIke eveRythIng PerFect...acT Like iTs JusT a DreaM aNd PreTend Theres Nothing Can HurtiNg Me.........

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