24 Agu 2010

Pee HavE a Rock N roLL Mommmm........!!!!

Whatsapening Guys.........!!suddenly i wanna post about my Mom...a HardCore mom...i wanna tell about my mom because while im sick now she really do care with me...100 percent i love her and now become more than 100 percent..for me shes the best mom ever...
Let me introduce u to her....her name is BESTY MUTIARA BAHAGIA..she's 47 years old...born in jakarta 3 November 1963..she not too old right...hehehehehe......
Mommy mommy mommy.....i always call her like that....there's a few thing about my mom that i really likes and make me love her more more more more...

* she's pretty
* she's caring
* she's strong after divorce with my dad
* she's smart
* she got a lot of piercing
* she drink coffee and beer
* she smoke and she don't fucking care what ppl think (u go mom)
* she love wearing red lipstick
* she teach me a lot of lesson
* she can drive her own car and her motorbike
* she can cook all my favorite food
* she always pray everyday
*she's humble
* she can move on and married again with someone else after divorce
* she love traveling
* she love iwan Fals song and rocks song
* and she love me (that's the most important)

see that....she really likes tatts and piercing in her ears.... <3 that's way some of my friend call her 
ROCK N ROLL MOMMMMMMM........hahahaha.......
i dedicated all this for u my mom....i love u mom...
"thanks mom for loving me..thanks for always forgive me for every mistake that i make..u never mad for everything that i wear everyday..so i can use bikini and sexy stuff thing..thanks for teaching me all the lesson..thanks for never give up on me..thanks for keep strong everyday"


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