23 Agu 2010

Pee Love heR HOLGA 135 bc (lomo camera)

Hyeeeeee folks this is my Lomo camera HOLGA 135 bc...actually i have alot of lomo camera but this one is my fav...i have fish eye, action sampler, another holga and aquapix..but this one is my favorite one..im so in love with Lomo camera..i dont know why..my dad so many time buy me new camera but im just not interested...im gonna show u why i become love my lomo camera..specially my HOLGA 135 bc...ill show u guys...
See that guys....one picture become two objects....cool right...kinda hard to use Holga at the first..but after u know the technique u will so addicted....i love playing with roll film..im so in love with LOMO..im still looking for another lomo now..Diana F+ here i come beybeeh...maybe next im gonna introduce u to another my lomo camera okay...i still have plenty of lomo....dont be jealous..lol
Fyi...i didn't edit this all picture become like this...because it already like this...this all is the specialty of HOLGA 135 BC....and this is why i love my Holga so much..full artistic and full of surprise...hehehehehe...if u guys have lomo camera and want to sell it just contact me okay..i would love to buy it....byeeeee guys love u all........ <3

Go Go Lomoooooooo's

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