14 Okt 2010

Pee Lost in Cowboy Style

yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa.....im a Cowboy now....hahahahaha.....i call my self a cowboy maybe because of my hatt...now im wearing my cowboy hatt..its not mine actually..it belong to my sister..my sister love to buy anything and everything but never use it..always me..hahaha..pastinya aku deh yang pakai barang barang dia..hahaha...sometime pun dia yang suka belikan aku everything and ask me to wear it....awesome sister right.... (maybe later i post a blog about her okay)
can you see..i don t really like wearing a lot accessories..i just wear my Charm bracelet..my casio gold watch..and my ring..aww.. and my necklace..thats it....simple of me.... <3 HYPED ME OKAY...!!
tadaaaaaaa.....hahahaha...i dont know why....i just love to make my boyfriend name in my body..specially when naked..hahahaha (i love him) Pheeeeeeeeewit <3
this picture is the one that i posted to my lookbook...and gladly some of the people like it..hehehe..
thanks for all the people who HYPED my look... <3 love you all...
thanks Guys..girls...folks..guys for your time reading my blog..hey if you gusy have a tips for me just coment me okaaaay..need one....!!!
its really so much fun playing with outfitt and i hope you all can do the same like me..just enjoy and be confident with your self..BE PROUD WITH YOUR SELF OKAY....byeee all

~Peace out~


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