19 Nov 2010

Pee Wanna Have a Simple Date style

Few days a go my Cousin Having a birthday Party.....at saturday nite and in the same time my sister just break with her bOyfriend..so we decide it lets date together..lol..i keep looking and thinking..what am i gonna wear..hmmmm.....???i just wanna look simple but still look chick...
tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......!!!!!!this is my simple look...what do u think..??im trying to match my bag and my shoes..both red right..and i use small belt in my hips...belt nya aku suka..beltnya belt ikat...cute kan...
aku sengaja gak lepas rambut aku..biar gak terlalu over aja..so aku ikat rambut aku and aku pakek bando(accessories)

well the important think just be your self and be confident with your style..
tyr something new with your style is fun...!!trust me... :D

~peace out~

2 komentar:

  1. a lil bit of accessories on the neck can add a lil bit of exciting look..

  2. i think necklace can make a bit more..i just wanna be simple :D