6 Okt 2010

Pee is having So Much fun

few days ago i attend an event with my sister and her boyriend to Party Dj event

aku datang with my older sister and her boyriend..really fun to hang out with them both..because we have same interest together..so we really love to hang out together..

This is me and My sister.... <3 <3

And This is My sister and her Boyriend... <3 great couple
but then...waktu kita udah masuk ke acaranya we meet all our cousin there..
and all my friends...wuhuuuuuuuuuu.....
This is me and My causin...Faisal Akbar...we are really close
kinda angry with him a few minute with him because he didnt tell me and my sister that he gonna come to this event

and finally i can meet Hole causin and my friend in this party..and we all party together.. :D
wooot wooot wooot

and i can meet alot of great people such as this awesome designer..hes really cool and full of style..
and i can really meet STEVE AOKI.....woot woot...
super awesome...its the best night ever...

i wish u can Have a Great Night Like Mine Guys... <3 xoxo

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