11 Des 2010

Pee In The Bottle Admirer This STUF.....!!!

Owwww My Goshhhh....im so Love this...this is the cutest and the hottest Nail polish ever..i bet My friend "bee Merdika" can Make like this..i have a friend in BALI Hes Name is Bee Merdika and He can Make so Many Cute Nail Polish..even hes a Boy..hes a Make up Art..and He really Talented..I should get Nail Like This Like URGENT....!!!!!!!

DAMN.....!those Heels Make me Hard to blink my eyes....so Perfect...im in LOVE with this heels..i should buy this for NEW YEAR PARTY...those girl who watch my heels is GONNA DIE and WISH to have those heels..but where i can find it.......?????

this stuff ITS A MUST THING FOR ME before new year.....!!!!

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