15 Des 2010

Pee Wanna tRy become 3D

im so so curious with 3D picture..i ask my bf to make my picture become 3D but he said that he didnt understand..and i try my self try to figure how...?and got it..beside so many people try it already and its pretty cool actually........
this one is me...im trying to edit my self..kinda work right..not bad..not bad indeed <3
hmmmmm....i think i kinda like it..LOVE IT....Prepare your 3D Glasses guys..because im gonna pop out from your screen..hahahahahaha...try it guys..it fun...seriously trying something new in your life is so much fun...jadinya hidup kamu gak akan terasa boring because selalu aja ada yang baru..something new yang bisa kita pelajari and kita manfaatkan...love you <3

~peace out~

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