2 Jun 2011

why me

why me...itu yang selalunya aku tanya with my self..why me...why always me..
if i cry a lot..i asking my self..why me...?
if i got fight with someone else..i'm asking again..why me...?
if i get trouble..again again and again why me...?
even when im happy..why me..
in this year become a hard year for me..fight with dad..fight with mom..
lost something that i like
lost something that i love
missing something
i hate this year
and why me
i pray and i try to be close with my god
my god only give me another hard part for me
give me another test for my life
test that my god know that its hard for me to get trough it
 god give me this test so i can still remember to god
maybe god think that its too many long i forget to pray
but why me..?
i still remember my god
i still pray
and i still cry sometime every night when i start to sleep

i wanna start asking my self why me..?

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