1 Sep 2010

Pee love Her BAby LoMo

I LOve aLL mY LOmo....They Are My BabY
i have six camera lomo...one digital samsung camera..one pentax slr camera and one olympus dslr camera

from all my camera that i mention to u folks..my lomo is my baby..i treat them special..
i treat them with love and full of heat...hahahahahahaha.......

1. my first lomo camera is my Action sampler...its four lenses..with a lot of collor..its my first baby

2. is my Aquapix with flower color..its underwater lomo so i can use it underwater or not..its amphibian..

3. my Holga 135 bc..pink collor with flash..this is my fav when im in the beach..its my third baby

4. my Fish eye one..its a wood edition color..brown wood..its my fourth baby

5. my Holga 120 GCFN..this is my second holga...so i have two holga..hehehe..i love mix collor

6. my Diana F+..with pink color and flash...i love it..i love pink..what do i say..hehehe..

Thats all my baby...my precious one...hehehe....
and i still looking another lomo...

im looking for 
1. colorsplash
2. blackbird
3. fish eye 2

if anyone want to sell it...u can sell to me..just contack my facebook

Go Go Go LoMoooooooooo's

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  1. mari gabung dengan penggemar toycam