21 Jan 2011

Pee in My SHOES..lol

Hye girls i wanna share some of my shoes..actually i have a lot of shoes........ <3 <3
but im just gonna post a view that wear recently..
this is six pairs of my FAVORITE shoes!
mostly flat shoes..
i love flat shoes..very comfortable and look cute on me...hehehe
let me showed you one by one okay Folks! <3
this one is my Leopard Flat shoes..i buy it at Citos (Cilandak Town Square)
i love this shoes because i can mix this shoes with everything
this one is my Oxford flat shoe...i buy this one at Senayan City in Debenhams store with my sister
my sister actually buy this too..hehehe..so we both buy the same shoes that nite..lol
this one is My Charles and Keith shoes...this shoes alway be on my side while im drunk and High enough
hahahaha..wear this at the club..very comfortable for me..love this hilllllll <3
weeeew another leopard shoes...this shoes i buy it from my friends in bali
they have a shoes company..and just start it..i saw this on twitter and start fall in love..
i contact my friend to buy it..i cant helped..!because its so pretty
i love this shoes..actually i just buy this one few days a go with my sister at Mangga dua..
love it love love it.. <3
actually i have a lot of shoes that i want to show you guys..
maybe not enough page...hihihihi..
i still have a couple booth and some hils
maybe later okay..i will post my boot in the next page
just keep confident with your style guys..
and try a new thing
style is fun
hehehe..oww i put the place where i buy those shoes so if u guys want it u can find it..
but mostly in jakarta..
keep try all new thing and stuff with your style folks

love you all
~peace out~

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