24 Feb 2011


9 month having Long distance relationship..woooow...so much heavy for us...every anniversary we just message each other..only ym and facebook can help us..and web cam so much help..no one can help only my baby Laptop the only one can help me...and now..FINALLY we meet..

gak ada kata kata lain yang bisa dijelasin..only happy happy and happy
this is actually our first date..kita pergi ke sunway..nonton movie..hang out di coffeebean
and yang lain lain..walaupun endingnya gak ngenakin..
aku agak gak ngerti seeeh...pasti ending nya selalu gak ngenakin
even we both now leaving in the same country, we still kinda hard
because he live so far from me..
hmmmm....susah mau explain..well...tunggu aja news aku yang lain about me and him yaa..
we dont know next rigt...will see..
can't wait share another for u guys

~peace out~

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