4 Feb 2011

Pee on Holliday

olla folks <3
i wanna share my holliday with you guys
i went to Makasar and we visit almost all places in Makasar
it was fun because i can meet all my family there.. :D
this is the second time i went to Makasar

im Gonna share some of my picture while im at Galesong..we went to other family house..

oh my god...i love this place..huge like a castle..

this is my cousin..he's name is Cakra Manggala..we used to call him caca..he live in Makasar

loved this place..they have futsal field in front of the beach

 they have they own jet ski and banana boat..

this is my cousin and my sister..they gonna play banana boat...bon voyagee!!!

this is me waiting for our breakfast..and my sister start bussy with ipad..

they also have out bond for playing..

im so in loved with this place..
they got everything
last but not least 
my cousin and my sisters..they just woke up..
they still smells bad..bad breath...ewwww..hahaha

thats all guys..i still have a lot of picture to showed
maybe in another page okay..
love u guys

~peace out~

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