8 Feb 2011

Planning Pee In The Bottle

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...udah beberapa bulan ini aku prepare semua yang harus aku siapkan buat usaha aku untuk melanjutkan study bachelor aku di malaysia
from re new pasport aku yang udah expired
berurusan sama study agent
medical cek up
scaning ini itu..arggggg..
aku rasa mau quit and give up tapi half of my mind mau lanjut and harus lanjut
i dont wanna give up
and i cant give..i cant give up
i giveup so many time and now 
not anymore and not this time
i wont quit and give up..
wish me luck guys..
i was thinking in this year im just gonna start with new me
with a lot of spirit
no more crazy think
no more lazzyness
no more playing and stupid think..
"be grown up dinda..come on..u can do it"
"trust your self"
"keep praying"
bless me and bless you all

~peace out~

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